Five Reasons to Switch to Google+ Comments Now

google+ comments
Google+ Comments launched just 2 weeks ago yet it has garnered lots of good reviews and a positive response from the Blogger user community. This move is a part of Google's ongoing initiative for plusification of its products but its a clear sign that Blogger is still and will remain a indispensable product in Google's arsenal. G+ Comments are also a clear challenge to the FB Comments , Disqus and other commenting systems even though it is yet to launched outside of Blogger officially. The presence of unofficial implementations for Drupal and Wordpress establishes the fact that its being liked by everybody out there. So if you one of those people who are still not convinced of using it on your blog then here are Five Solid Reasons that will surely make you change your mind
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Infinite Scrolling in Blogger

infinity Symbol

Infinite Scrolling refers to the ability to continuously load new content on a page without refreshing it which gives an appearance of endlessness. It is used by major sites like Google+ , Facebook and Twitter and pretty successfully at that. The biggest benefit being exposure to more content and faster browsing . We will see how to integrate it into our Blogger blog by using Infinite Ajax Scroll jQuery plugin
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Blogging , Fun and HPConnectedMusic

hp connected musicThis is my 3rd IndiBlogger Blogger Meet and it was nothing less exciting and fun-filled than any previous one. We reached the venue just when synchronized clapping and tapping had started , there were some awkward hiccups but it set the mood for the rest of the meet.
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New Blogger Template Showroom

showroom Blogger Template

Showroom is inspired from Tumblr template of the same name by Mixpanel. It has a eye-catching design and comes inbuilt with Related Posts widget , Infinite Post Scrolling and 7 Post types using Labels. It integrates with the Blogger Template Designer seamlessly and also adds custom fields which make editing Tags , Menu and Search Box easier. Search Engine Optimization has been done to Page and Post Titles as well as a Google PageSpeed score of 97% makes it ultra fast.
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The New Blogger Template Editor

New Blogger Template EditorThe first major update to the Blogger Template Editor since 2006 . Loosely referred to as Edit HTML , it has gone though a complete makeover. The previous Editor appeared as a lightbox-style window and was pretty similar to the version available before Blogger switched to the new look back in October 2011. This update is a full-blown overhaul with build from scratch approach bringing a whole new set of features to the table
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Leaked : Contact Form Widget coming to Blogger

While creating my new template , I came across some interesting piece of code in the official CSS and JavaScript files which are included automatically by Blogger on each page of a blog. Its presence is a sure shot indication of a Contact Form Widget that is being developed by Blogger. Read on to find more details
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New Blogger Template : FlatUI

FlatUI Blogger Template

Inspired from the the recently released Flat UI Kit from DesignModo FlatUI Blogger Template is a fully responsive and feature-rich template. One of its main advantages over other Blogger templates is the ease with which you can customize the various components via the Blogger Template Designer. Many custom options have been added to the Template Designer to make it simpler to modify from a single location.

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