Five Reasons to Switch to Google+ Comments Now

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Google+ Comments launched just 2 weeks ago yet it has garnered lots of good reviews and a positive response from the Blogger user community. This move is a part of Google's ongoing initiative for plusification of its products but its a clear sign that Blogger is still and will remain a indispensable product in Google's arsenal. G+ Comments are also a clear challenge to the FB Comments , Disqus and other commenting systems even though it is yet to launched outside of Blogger officially. The presence of unofficial implementations for Drupal and Wordpress establishes the fact that its being liked by everybody out there. So if you one of those people who are still not convinced of using it on your blog then here are Five Solid Reasons that will surely make you change your mind

1. Connected with everybody ( Literally !! )

connect google+ and blogger

Lets think of a dream scenario , Somebody , Somewhere on the Web shares the link to your newest article and you are thanking them for doing it the very next minute. In reality other than when you get traffic from some popular website , many conversations about your blog on social media are ignored by you or you have no way to know that they are even happening out there. G+ Comments takes a dig at this problem by making sure that if-and-when a link to your article is shared on Google+ publicly it will appear in the Comments sections with all its +1's and comments that were done on the original thread. Even though this is a small innovation yet it will help keep the conversation about your article either on the blog or social media in a single place

2. Privacy Conscious


The power of Circles from Google+ is used to make sure that your privacy is never compromised . May it be a comment on your favorite Technology blog while you are working in office or a comment directed towards the author alone for fixing that typo you should be rest assured that you will not be caught by your boss or shame the author publicly for that silly mistake of theirs respectively . Another aspect is the ability to see comments custom-tailored to you. So your Best Social Friends comments will be visible to you on the top irrespective of the fact that when they were posted

3. Mention People

mention people in comments

Well its not new , Disqus and Livefyre have similar features but the thing here to consider is that you can easily send a notification to Google+ users without much hassles and get them involved in the conversation right away

4. Edit , Delete , Report Spam and Share on Google+

All the standard Moderation tools that every blog owner wants with a small yet impactful addition of social sharing right into the core of the comments structure. This small feature will increase exposure to your content on Google+ many folds and increase engagement with your readers and reader's friends exponentially. A sure shot way to effects those Social Signals and increasing your search engine ranking organically

5. Threaded Comments 

threaded comment

Even though this is common place now and not a very big deal , but being able to reply to specify comments is always a great UX move. Considering just last year it was introduced in Blogger officially , its pretty big deal that its inherently present from start in this comment system. It gives more organized feel to your comments sections and makes it many times easier for you to manage the comments.

Bonus Reason : Migrate Comments 

comment migration

If you are a Blogger user , then you will not have to worry about losing all your previous comments that your blog received till now as all those comments will get automatically migrated as-and-when you choose to switch to Google+ Comments and reverse will also be possible soon if you think of switching back to the old comment system . One thing to note though is that the old comments cannot be marked as spam or deleted easily. (This bug will surely be fixed soon )

Still Not Convinced
Then check out this Hangout on Air from Google employees +Yonatan Zunger and +Dan Peterson

Active development is in full swing and lots of features might be coming out soon. If you have any feedback regarding any problems that you face while using G+ Comments , then without hesitation report it in the Blogger Product Forum.

So take the chance and Try Google+ Comments

We have switched to G+ Comments but we have still allowed you to comment via the old comment box if you like that one more

Written by Prayag Verma

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Unknown said...

Excellent.. Well written Prayag..
Google+ is the key to the future of blogging.Bloggers can never neglect it's Importance.
And why have you put the blogger default comment system down?? May be you should use a toggle that once clicked,switches between g+ comments and Blogger comments.Just a suggestion.You may refer to this post

Anonymous said...

thanks nice article. I think Google is the best for blogging.

Rahul said...

Ability to mention people and spam filter are the only reason I switched to Google+ commenting system. Google+ has a really awesome spam filter and that's a huge improvement from old blogger commenting system.

Unknown said...

Using the power of google+ a comment system really increases your visibility on social medias, but what if you can use google+ comment system along with disqus comments in your sites..
Disqus will bring the latent power of facebook, twitter and linkedin together along with Google+