Leaked : Contact Form Widget coming to Blogger

While creating my new template , I came across some interesting piece of code in the official CSS and JavaScript files which are included automatically by Blogger on each page of a blog. Its presence is a sure shot indication of a Contact Form Widget that is being developed by Blogger. Read on to find more details

Update - The Contact Form Gadget has been released 


The proof can be simply found by simply by seeing the View Source of any of your blog pages.

In the Source of the page, search for widget_css_2_bundle.css and -widgets.js

Open these files and search for the keyword "contact" and you will see something like this (click image to enlarge)

blogger's javascript file

blogger's css file

Check out these example CSS and JavaScript File URL's

I went a step further and applied the CSS to a standard Form and the result was something like

blogger official contact form Demo

This pretty much explains everything and I suppose we can expect it to be released soon to the public . This was a much needed step as all the Blogger users were dependent on third party contact forms . On a positive note , this is a sign that active development is still ON in Blogger and closing it down is not happening in the near future atleast . The Official Google+ Stream gadget for Blogger was also found out by us but its still not implemented yet

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Looks interesting, they're using default Google UI.. Hope it'll not be sidebar style widget like other widgets. I guess they may use lightbox on this widget, just like that feedback form on Blogger.

Anonymous said...

it is mean can placed on a blogger pages or what?

Hi Phate

When its released to the public it will be easily addable just like any other widget (like popular post , G+ Followers ,etc)

Currently I have no idea when it will be released

Yes Hardeep your predication about Lightbox could be true. One clue that it is served via Lightbox might be the presence of the class named contact-form-cross in the CSS

Anonymous said...

oh i see. thank's for the reply. i'll waiting for it. good luck Prayag. :)

Unknown said...

Really excited ... Bloggers thinking of shifting to wordpress ! Think again guys Blogger is here to stay !
Three Cheers for blogger :D
Your Pc Genie

Waiting for it. They will release it as gadget. PR-Blogger

Sam said...

Looking good, they should have added it earlier, could have done it easily via Google forms, anyways it is never too late, thanks for the great info!

Really nice man.