Blogging , Fun and HPConnectedMusic

hp connected musicThis is my 3rd IndiBlogger Blogger Meet and it was nothing less exciting and fun-filled than any previous one. We reached the venue just when synchronized clapping and tapping had started , there were some awkward hiccups but it set the mood for the rest of the meet.

After that started the introductions and entertaining challenges moderated by our very own Prateek Shah or rather 'Prateeksha'

Then came the most awaited presentation explaining the features of HPConnectedMusic

Here is a brief overview of the Features

1.  More than 1 Million Songs available to choose from

2.  Ability to Download and Play Music Offline

3.  Online Streaming and Internet Radio
4.  Meridian Powered Desktop Application for HP laptops

5.  Intelligent Playlists , Custom Filters and Constantly changing Album covers

6.  Supports advanced playback technologies like Beats Audio

7. Extensive Search Features with Artists , Tracks and Albums Listings

8. Common Trivia and Latest News related to each artists integrated within the service

9. Take part in competitions and Win Tickets to concerts worldwide

10. Free for 1 year on selected HP Laptops

Sneak Peek for Non-HP Product owners 



Music Genres 

Internet Radio
Hope this convinces you to check out the new HP laptops with support for HPConnectedMusic

In the end , we had a huge group photo and everybody had some goodies with them thanks to HP and IndiBlogger

Special Kudos to the IndiBlogger Team for this event ( couldn't find all pics of all members )

Written by Prayag Verma

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Navneet said...

awesome post man!!

Superb Introduction Session frame/collage up there! Request your permission to use it on the Green Smyles page ( ). Thanks a lot for the super mention :)

Hi Prateek Shah

This meet couldn't have been much fun without you , all thanks to you for making it such a success

Yes you can use the Collage on your FB page :)

Anonymous said...

Really good post . Do you remember they promised a HP laptop to the person who'll write the best blog about that evening.Well this is a prize deserving post .

Thanks soo much Prayag :) Happy to know that :) And will use the picture on the page :)

Unknown said...

This is indeed a really in-depth post , Will surely have a look at HPConnectedMusic

Kusum said...

HPConnectedMusic appears to be a great service , the main feature that I liked about it was that it a legit solution and respects the rights of the artists

Thanks for sharing this with us Prayag

Unknown said...

I bought a HP Laptop just a few months ago but didn't give much attention to this service that came preinstalled , but reading about its various features above I am really excited at the prospect of using it now

Tester said...

These features look really amazing , but what are its advantages over lets say music available via Torrents or maybe even various sites over the internet which give it for free ?

Hi there

Even though these other solutions offer music for free but they are illegal in nature and can land you in problems if you are caught, so its better to enjoy music from a source which benefits the music artists as well the keeps your conscience clear :D

Tester said...

I certainly agree with your point about benefiting music artists

I will give it a try but they should have made this service available to all people irrespective of the fact that they have HP products or not , something on the lines on Spotify

I agree with you on that point and I suppose in the future HP will surely expand this service over to every person weather they have HP products or not

Unknown said...

I just read this post and got a little bit curious about this service by HP , when I visited the site , it said that something about HP Launcher , why I am not able to open this site ?

Unknown said...

Amazing Description !

Hi there Ishaan

This service is only currently available on select HP Laptops and Ultrabooks , you can't use it without owning one of them

But if want to have a sneak peek at the service a bit , then check it here

Unknown said...

Thanks for the fast reply Prayag , now I get it

I did check out the site you mentioned , it looks nice