Display your Google+ Feed in your blog with images

Google+ Feed WidgetGoogle+ is the next big thing in Social Media. According to statistics its growth has been explosive. With loads of never before seen features and Facebook trying to copy them blankly ,its popularity has just increased by the day. But unlike Twitter and Facebook as of now it doesn't have a Widget to display your latest posts. To do this we will be combining two services. Lets get started
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20 awesome WebFonts

font collection
Fonts are a integral part of a website. With industry wide adoption of @font-face ,WebFonts are the biggest thing today. From paid to free ones, nearly ever site has one.This is a showcase of 20 awesome fonts from Google's WebFont gallery. They are absolutely free to use and also easy to integrate into blogs/websites.
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Bug Fix : Videofication Template

Bloggers using the recently released Videofication template were experiencing some problems while adding Pages into the Blog. This post explains how to fix the issue of page styling and page title.

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How to Enable Google Authorship quickly

Google Authorship Image
In simple words Google Authorship allows you to make Google aware of the stuff you have written. When enabled it shows your name as well as your Google+ Profile image besides the search result. Enabling it just requires a bit of coding and is pretty simple. It adds a kind of authenticity element in the users mind and there is added trust in your content . Lets dig in
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Effects of using JavaScript Redirect

effects imageIn the last post ,we discussed how to redirect your blog to blogspot.com always. This simple trick has really far reaching effects on the Load Time, Usability, SEO, etc. We will be discussing them in-detail, in the following post. JavaScript Redirects are not really used much on the web as 301's and 302's can handle the job. The reason we are using them is because Blogger doesn't give us Server side access. Lets get started now
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Top Resources for Blogger Templates : Part 2

lots of Templates together imageContinuing from the earlier post, I have put together some more resources for awesome Blogger templates. Each of these resources have seas of Blogger templates which will more than just meet your needs.
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New Blogger Template : Videofication

This is my 4th template. I tried to make it a bit different. The idea was to make a YouTube type thing in Blogger. It has simple layout and some other functionality like Rater widget, Threaded Comment,etc. Here I wanted to mention that the base template and JavaScript was originally made by BloggerzBible ,I just did some modifications to the JavaScript and looks.

Videofication Blogger Template image

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Top Resources for Blogger Templates : Part 1

lots of Templates images
When starting a new blog ,the importance of design cannot be underestimated. Even though content has its own significance but Design plays a vital role in the way readers interpret your blog. We all have a rough idea how our blog should look but due to lack of skills or time we are unable to make it look that way. Here these resources come to rescue. These resources contains thousands of designs to choose from and find the design that satisfies your needs.
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5 Threaded Comment styles

Threaded comments are awesome but their default styling is just so simple. Modifying it is a very simple and only requires CSS. I am sharing 5 different styles for the comment sections which you can implement easily into your blog. The motivation for this post came from 54BLOGGER post about some nicely designed Comment sections. I tried to convert them so that they looked very similar to the originals.

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Limiting the use of Web Fonts

Web fonts have drastically improved the way we look at and read the web. The ability to remotely load a font in a web page has been possible as early as CSS2. In the past few years this got a lot of attention due to services like TypeKit and Google Web Fonts. Nowadays its a common thing on the internet. Even Blogger has a inbuilt support for Web Fonts. But now we have started overusing it and there are some disadvantages to it.
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