Top Resources for Blogger Templates : Part 2

lots of Templates together imageContinuing from the earlier post, I have put together some more resources for awesome Blogger templates. Each of these resources have seas of Blogger templates which will more than just meet your needs.

1. Dhe Template

Written by Prayag Verma

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Dhiraj said...

Thanks for adding My site :-) Keep Blogging Bro

Rocking Templates just rocks !! Your site's overall looks are mind blowing as well the templates. I personally liked the Under Construction template

La Crona said...

Once I was an affiliate for an opportunity where they bought and sold websites and templates.I made some money there, however they went off business too early but it was surely an excellent business idea.

Yes, templates creation is a really nice business idea, not only do you get backlinks but also people get to know your work

here master Look for Template Para Blogger :D

Thanks fo sharing master..

very useful..

Nice, Thats a really huge collection of resources !!

S said...
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S said...
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nice post...awesome

Nice information and I like this post and all template..

its great templates :)