New Blogger Template : FlatUI

FlatUI Blogger Template

Inspired from the the recently released Flat UI Kit from DesignModo FlatUI Blogger Template is a fully responsive and feature-rich template. One of its main advantages over other Blogger templates is the ease with which you can customize the various components via the Blogger Template Designer. Many custom options have been added to the Template Designer to make it simpler to modify from a single location.


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Blogger Template Designer

Template Designer blogger

You can easily change the Color and Fonts of Buttons , Tags , etc from the Template Designer itself

Load Time

Google Page Speed Insights

With a Google Page Speed Score of 95% and a Page Size in 200KB range, FlatUI Blogger Template is optimized for fast browsing and makes the less than 20 HTTP Requests

Infinite Post Scrolling

Infinite Post Loading

Using jQuery and AJAX , an unending number of Posts can be loaded without leaving the page. This is by default functional on the HomePage as well as the Label Pages.

Read More Hack

Read More Default Style

The Read More hack is by default enabled and gives a more pro look to the blog.


The label/tags style is inbuilt , just make sure that the Cloud option is selected in the Blogger Label Widget Options.

Share Privacy Buttons

share privacy buttons

Scripts from respective social networks are loaded only when when you toggle it to load

These were some of the features , install it into your blog and explore all the other features . If you face any problems then feel free to ask in the comments.

Written by Prayag Verma

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i have to admit. This template is cool! especially the sharing buttons!

but hey.. how to download it.. LOL :D

Unknown said...

Very nice template, you are doing great job, keep it up bro !

Firstly Thanks

To Download it ,
click the Download Button and you will be presented with a overlay window , There click I Want This and now you will be presented the page to enter the price. You can choose to enter anything from 0 to infinity ( :) )

If you enter 0 , then just enter your Email and your Name & Click Get

The Template will be mailed to email immediately

Thanks for appreciating Bishnu

Your Blog PokharaTech is also nicely designed , are you thinking of migrating from its current template ?

Unknown said...

Very nice template. Thank you

Unknown said...

Wow, awesome
I want this :D

Anonymous said...

Awesome... as usual as you did Prayag. :)

Unknown said...

google ads not set

Anonymous said...

Hi Stylify Blogger!
really cool blog template but make a new template with seo optimized and fast ...
This will definitely help your blog to get traffic...

Admin said...

cool template Prayag, btw how to change the background ???

Unknown said...

how can i set not to load posts automatically? I want buttons "Home", "Older Buttons" and etc. Please help me.

For removing Infinite Scroll - in Edit HTML search for use strict';

You will see something like

<script type='text/javascript'>
(function($){'use strict';||function(){return+new Date()};$.ias=function(g){var h=$.extend({},$.ias.defaults,g);var i=new $.ias.util();var j=new $.ias.pag

Remove this whole script block

Unknown said...

Hey, nice template. I'm using it on my blog
In the mobile view, it doesn't load older posts automatically and there's no link to older posts.. please how can I fix this

How to Add More article Text in Homepage?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this template, but there is a problem I can not find any code slideshow with responsive Can you give me the code in addition to a slide show of the blog entries please

Awesome Template it is,
but after scrolling i am getting duplicate posts...

Please check

gayan said...

just downloded.demo is simple & cool.thanks.

I really like this Template and the ease of customizing. I am using it on my blog. I really liked setting up the 3 column layout however it did not seem to be as responsive so switched back to default. Any chance you will do a 3 column version sometime in the future? Anyway great job with this template.Thanks Tommy

Madan said...

can u upload some other flat template , with grid or some list styles on home page unlike this read more posts

Hi Madan
I will release new flat templates with grid layout in the coming weeks

how can we have chat option for users

i installed it but it won't display comment section on my blog
how i can solve it ?

cb said...

Is it possible to change Share Privacy Buttons? May be revert back to usual buttons?

Anonymous said...

Is there anyway to make the share buttons show automatically?

irgi said...

This is great I use it... thx ^_^

the flat UI theme is great, but it doesn't show all posts and infinite scrolling gets stuck for forever.

Thanks for the Template..

I have downloaded it from

Thanks again.

pavithra said...

very cool and nice template. i am using this template in my page works very well. and sounds good. thank you so much.

pavithra said...

can u pls tell me how to remove date shows in all post pages.

Nice work ! Is this template Creative Commons ?

Very nice template. Looks nice.
Is this free to use or must it be bought?

Nice template. How do I remove date on all pages

Anonymous said...

tanks for tempate ,... (y) :)

I cant share my post in my blog

RWKeiser said...

Great template, as long as you stick to the default layout. However, in a 3-column body layout, the header ends up shifted to the right relative to the body content. Any suggestions?

Pranshu said...

First of all thanks for the template! It's Awesome.
But is there any way we can remove the right sidebar?

I 've tried this template at my blog and it hangs showing "Loading..."
Is there any way to solve the problem

Dear Prayag Verma, this is a beautifully designed template, congratulations. The only problem I find is that I cannot change text or background color on the date stamp. Even if I select a different color under Preferences, it defaults back to the standard page text color. Could you please tell me how to fix this?
Many thanks and best regards