The All new Google+ Followers Widget

Google+ Followers widget
Just a couple of hours ago Blogger launched the Google+ Follower widget. Build on the lines of the older Friend Connect Follower widget , it has a Follow button accompanied with the faces of your Google+ Followers. It is now available in the Add a Gadget menu and can be added to your blog with just a single click. The widget currently has no configurable options but this will surely change as future enchantments are made. This can be seen as another step in the direction of integrating Google+ with Blogger. Now lets see some of the other facts related to this widget

Before adding this widget you will have to connect your blog to Google+ if you haven't already done it

To connect your Google+ profile with Blogger

 1. To do that just go the Google+ tab in your Blog's dashboard and click the Upgrade to Google+ button

Upgrade to Google+

2. You will be presented a screen where you will have to tick the check-box and click the Switch Now button

connect with google+ blogger

3. Now you have a choice whether you want to add the blogs you contribute to the About section of your Google+ profile. Whatever you choose , either skip or add the blogs to your profile

add your blogs

4. This completes the integration of your Blogger account with Google+

To add the Google+ Follower widget

1. Go to the Layout tab

Blogger Layout tab

2. Click the Add a Gadget button ( preferable in the Sidebar )

3. Now select the Google+ Followers Widget and click the Save Button

Google+ Followers

4. Check your blog and you will see the widget in your sidebar now .

Hope this tutorial helped and don't forget to follow us on Google+ via the Google+ Follower widget present in the sidebar

Check more about this story on Blogger's official blog - Grow your audience with the Google+ followers gadget

Written by Prayag Verma

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Rohith VR said...

Google Plus Follower widget available for wordpress?

No Rohith , currently its only available for Blogger blogs . Maybe in the future Google might introduce it for all the other blogging platforms as well

Also published a post about this couple of hours ago.

Shukriya for this info, Prayag Bro.. :)

thanks for that comment . i also commenting like that. " available for wordpress" got the answer . thanks prayag

Thanks, good info.. I was wondering if it will support the page followers also?

thenks for the info

Anonymous said...

Great post :)

Unknown said...

Hi, do you know if it's possible to set the widget width? by default the number of photo in column is three, really a bad layout!

thanks a lot for your kindness

Will use this on my blogspot blogs but most of my blogs are on WP so its better we get this widget for wp users as well