Stylify Minimal Responsive Blogger Template

This is a fully responsive and highly optimized template for every kind of Blogger user. It is centered around the concept of Minimalism hence all the unnecessary stuff like Blogger's Default CSS as well as JavaScript have been shunned. It has lightening fast load times and completely complies with Search Engines heading and title standards. This template requires that you have a little bit of knowledge about HTML/CSS so as to do some customization , rest assured that I will be there to help you out in the comments if you face any unsolvable problem.

Download Demo


- Responsive
- Search Engine Optimized
- Lightening fast Page Load Time (98% in Google Page Speed)
- Exclusive Threaded Comment Design
- CSS3 powered Tilted Header
- Supports All Major browsers
- Uses CSS Sprites for less HTML Requests
- Auto Read More Hack
- Pagination option
- Automatic Related Posts under each Post
- CSS3 powered ReadMore Button and Labels
- Electrolize Web Font
- Attractive Share Buttons and Subscribe options
- Author Bio Box
- Ribbon styled Labels on Post Pages
- Print Friendly
- Captivating Post Title design
- Near W3C Valid
- Four Column Footer
- Widget Ready Sidebar with Stacked effect
- Simple Menu and Social Media Buttons
- Automatic Meta Descriptions
- Stacked Paper feel to Post Body
- Appealing Custom 404 Design
- Simple Search Box

Installing the template

- UnZip the Download Pacakge
- Now Go to Blogger Dashboard > Template > Backup/Restore and click Choose File
- Select the XML file from the Unzipped directory
- Then Press Upload and the template is installed

Configuring the various features

- Firstly After Installing the Template Go to Layout and Edit the Blog Posts Widget. Now untick these options and save.


- In the Download package copy all the content of the Widgets.txt file.
  Now create a New HTML/JavaScript widget and place it under the Header widget (Don't forget to press the Save Arrangements button) See image below

In this widget , paste the contents of Widgets.txt file and Save. Now the Search Box , Menu and Social Media Buttons are installed. You will have to manually change the URLs in the Menu as well the Social Media Buttons. The most important URL to change is the action URL of Search box . Make it something like

- To configure the CSS3 Labels , go to Layout and Edit the Label widget , there Tick Cloud as Display Option and Uncheck the Show number of posts per label

- Now go to the Template > Edit HTML option , Click Proceed and then Tick Expand Widget Templates
Here Search for "Short" . Now remove this whole line and write a small bio about yourself that will be visible under each post. Replace the URL of the Image as well if you like

- Now search for "Stay Connected With Us" , now here change all your Social media URLs accordingly

- Now Search for "home_page" , this will show all the settings related to the Pagination option (Check here for explanation  )

- Now Search for "Your Tag Line" and replace it with your blog's mission or description

- Now Search for "thumbnail_mode" , this will display all the settings related to the Auto Read More Hack

Happy Blogging !

One piece of warning , Other than the Popular Post and Label Widget all the widgets like Blog Archive ,etc don't work . This is because the Deafult JS and CSS files of Blogger have been removed. On the Brighter side Your blog will open like a express train (given that you don't overcrowd it with widgets)


Download Demo

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Written by Prayag Verma

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awesome \m/
where's DL :D

Sorry was changing some stuff Beben , Its visible now

I will say. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SO cool. Never see template like this before. By the way, you're the best! :D

Don Caprio said...

Awesome, it's actually the first mobile responsive blogger theme I've come across and I'll definitely recommend it.

Rounaj said...

Unique style template. :)

That's what I call creative mind, cheers Prayag :) keep it up.

Unknown said...

Wow.....!!!!! Awesome Template.....I like the style... First time I saw this kind of template for blogger......
But I like also this Gradient Blogger Template. I hope you like it too.. :-)

Happy Blogging Pals....

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Unknown said...

A great Blogger Template :)

Unknown said...

Hey its a very nice template..
Only 1 thing I want to know is that it has auto read-more hack but in the summary only text is coming so please tell me how to add images to it.


Hi Akshat

When you search for thumbnail_mode in the Edit HTML in the Template option in your Blogger Dashboard you will see this "no" - Here change no to yes

Unknown said...

Also one thing that if anybody comment, only the default image coming so how to change that setting like if I comment, my image will appear.
This is generally in all templates.

its Awesome I will install this template on my blog :)

Rahul Kashyap

Hi Akshat

This was the settings that was present in the Old Blogger Dashboard . It allowed you to choose whether to show or not show the commenters profile image. Currently this settings is not available in the New Interface. So in the old interface if you selected to show default images then that settings is continuing in the current interface and we have no control as of now.

The other reason why I switched to default images is because when you switch on the profile images , 512X512 image is served . With just a around 10-15 comments you will be wasting around 300KB+ of bandwidth. This is will badly effect in long run

Unknown said...

How to disable profile image in blogger comment like you? Please help!

Hi Abu

As I told Akshat above , this setting is not currently available in the New Interface. It is continuing from the old interface , so which ever was your settings in the old one , it is continuing in the new interface. You have no control over it as of now

Unknown said...

Hey can you please tell me how to hide gadgets on a particular page and how to increase the width of that page.

Lets say that you want to hide the sidebar in all your static pages ( /p/ )

Then add the following code before the </head>

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "static_page"'>
.post-footer, .sidebar,.fauxcolumn-right-outer,.column-right-outer{display:none !important;}
.column-center-outer{width:95% !important;}

You can similarly use the other b:if tags as you like , refer to this URL for more information about them

Unknown said...

it is perfect template,but will love to see a stylish menu with dropdown in header

Admin said...

Nice Theme thanks Prayag Verma

sanchita said...

it is superb template

Unknown said...

Just an awesome html 5 template

Hi Prayang. I want ask, how do you make the comment avatar to one image avatar only. Just like your blog. Super awsome you know. Light and fast.

Please tech me guru. I always support you :)

lol.. teach*

Prayag, I want ask you

How to make a search result page like your blog?

It's very awesome to have this search result you :) thx

One more thing, how do I order the title of the blog is not to be skewed (shifted)???

Thanks for it.

Add a Expand-Collapse Sidebar Widget

Thanks & Regards,
Hemant Verma

Teknojest said...

How do I add meta keyword ?

Unknown said...

thank you very much

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Anonymous said...

Great template. Just two questions:
A- How to change the post background color say to #eeeeee
B- How to remove the "paper appearance" of the post body to make it look like this one right here. Because while it looks sleek on the main page, when visiting a label with a lot of posts it enlarges to the point where it sneaks behind the sidebar and distorts the smooth look of the template.
Thank you

Abhishek said...

how to add ads in this template , also i am not able to comment on my blog after applying this template

Unknown said...

I like your web site

boss help me BanglaNet ... why I can't change the Layout? & after upload the "Stylify Minimal Template.xml" i cant upload others "Template"....please help

arsh said...

awesome temp. but you can improve in header title section

Wow.....!!!!! Awesome Template.....I like the style... First time I saw this kind of template for blogger......
But I like also this Gradient Blogger Template . I hope you like it too.. :-)

Happy Blogging Pals....

I like the template and have been using it on my new blog. But I've ran into a snag. At the end of a post it will say "By Jesse Focht" and underneath it says "a short description about yourself." I can't figure out how to change the short description part to actually having a short description of myself. If I can't change that text how do I remove it?