Related Post Widget for Blogger using nRelate

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A Related Post widget for Blogger using nRelate . The best thing about nrelate widget over other similar type of recommendation widgets is the sheer number of customization options available at a buttons click. The options range from changing the appearance to including experts from posts. It also includes a feature to include posts from its 35000+ network of sites related to your content. The feature that takes the limelight is the ability to earn money !

Yes you have read it write , it allows you to earn money by recommending advertisers content in your widget and you can receive the payment via PayPal . Here is a list of all the features of the nRelate Related Post widget

  • Display Recommendations in form of Text or with Thumbnails 
  • Placeholder images for imageless posts
  • Six different Layout styles to choose from like Polaroid , ToonBarn , Trendland
  • Number of Posts to display
  • Select the Relevancy of posts shown to the current post !
  • Show experts from the post itself
  • To display/Not display nRelate logo 
  • Display stuff from your other blogs 

  • How to Integrate into Blogger 
    Video Tutorial

    1. Go to and Create an account if you have not created one yet

    nrelate login

    2. After signing in , In the Dashboard go to Install > Blogger

    nrelate install selection

    3. Enter your Blog address and click the Submit button

    your blog

    4. Now you will be asked where to show the widget , I suggest selecting the Post Only option.

    post only homepage all sections

    5. Now you will be asked to add the code into your Blog , just click the Add to Blogger button

    add to blogger page

    6. After selecting the correct blog , click the Add Widget button

    Add Widget

    7. Check your blog to see the widget. Normally it takes around 2 hours for it showup. In case it doesn't show feel free to nrelate via Twitter , they are super responsive.

    Some Other Settings

    To Remove the nRelate Logo

    In the nRelate Dashboard , Go to Manage Settings > Blogger , under the Layout Settings uncheck the box asking to display the nrelate logo and you are good to go.

    layout settings

    To change the Display layout

    In the Main Settings , select from the drop-down list of Styles. ( Polaroid and Toonbarn are my favorites )

    nrelate styles

    You can fiddle with all the other settings as well if you like . Feel free to ask if you hit a problem .

    Written by Prayag Verma

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    Thanks a lot for the tutorial ^_^

    Hi Prayag, I have few questions.

    1. Do they helps in SEO, if yes, then moving from linkwithin to nRelate effect the SEO or not?

    2. I am not able to see the demo widget in the demo link.

    I prefer this over Linkwithin. Much better with advanced customization. Thanks for the info!

    They don't help in any ways in SEO , they are just there for suggesting the reader content that is related to the one they have just read.

    The Demo is present near the end of the post in the Demo link

    postingan yang bagus tentang"Related Post Widget for Blogger using nRelate"

    I used this in my WordPress blog for 6 Months. Later found that it was creating problem to my blog's speed. So I removed it. I don't think same thing happens with Blogger.

    like this, thanks bro :D

    it's working :D

    Jayesh said...

    I wanted to know this thing. I integrated linkwithin in my Avoided Thoughts blog. The problem I was facing is it shows up after every post. It was so annoying since I only wanted it to be shown under FULL POST read.

    Because it looks so bad looking at bulky items on my front page. I use jump breaks.

    Jayesh said...

    Reply plz.

    Hi Jayesh

    If you want this to appear on only Post pages then you will have to go to Design > Edit HTML (As per new Interface Go to Template > Edit HTML).Tick the "Expand Widget Templates" and Then search for the Title of Gadget (If you have not given any title then give a dummy title like "abcd" and search using CTRF F for this term) . Now see the following code

    <b:widget id='WidgetID' locked='false' title='abcd' type='HTML'>
    <b:includable id='main'>
    <b:if cond='data:title != &quot;&quot;'>
    <h2 class='title'><data:title/></h2>
    <div class='widget-content'>
    <b:include name='quickedit'/>
    <style type='text/css'>
    #WidgetID {display:none;}/*to hide empty widget box*/

    Jayesh said...

    Thank you for the help. This really helped.

    Anonymous said...

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    pawan said...

    thanks its really helpfull for me..

    I have Tried to do the 5th step many times the add widget option but it is not working can u suggest any other Method...

    Unknown said...

    I've got the same problem

    IniKabarKu said...

    Thanks for tips.. I just try this widget..
    Hoping the result gonna be great :)

    Unknown said...

    Prayag, thank you for your post, but now the nrelate is above the jump break link which should not. The nrelate should be BELOW the jumpbreak link.

    How can I fix this?