Hosting your JS files on Google Code

Google Codee ImageGoogle Code is one of those services from Google whose list of benefits is near endless. Its a service which provides free hosting of your Project files including JavaScript files with Unlimited Bandwidth. Even though it is possible to include JavaScript Files into Blogger itself (See how) but sometimes while editing ,due to Blogger's habit to Escape Code automatically it can become a bit frustrating.

Lets Get Started:

1. Go to and click on create a new project.

2. Now fill the Details as per your needs, and make sure you set the Version control system as Subversion & the Source code license as Mozilla Public License 1.1 (select something else as per requirement, but this is suited for general use)

3. After creating the project you will be redirected to the Home Screen of your Project which is explained in more detail in the Image below

The rest of the menu items will be needed if you will be hosting a project ,which would require descriptions (Wiki), problem reporting (Issue),etc

4. Now go to Source > Browse > svn > trunk > Create or Upload file.

5. Now you either upload or create a js file you want to be hosted ,with brief description of what its about and Then Click the Commit button

6. After doing this you will be redirected to a Page with the whole code , there in the left side you will see View raw file , click it and copy the URL in the Address bar (This is the Absolute URL of your JS file).

Now you can easyily embed this in your page using the script tag ,for example:

<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>

A bit of Advice: Even though you can host about 4GB of code, I suggest refraining from Mass Uploading stuff (This even implies to the Download Section). I have first hand experience in this - Got my Project removed ,as I had uploaded a lot of stuff to it ,including the Download packages of lot of my tutorials.

Thanks to Navneet Pandey for pointing out a very grave error in the Post, Changing the Version from Mercurial to Subversion

Have some problems or experiences to share related to Google Code, feel free to share

Written by Prayag Verma

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for take link embed, i'm just click Downloads Tab ► Choose your file JS ► Right Click.
That's it ;)

Info anymore here, ty ty ty :)

like this process...
After 1 & 2 step your post...
3. Click Download tabs
4. Click New download
5. Summary, Description fill up to you title
6. In Labels first box Choose Type-Source

Navneet said...

Not able to do this not getting dashbord as shown in figure

@Navneet Pandey
Thanks for pointing out, the problem was with the version , it should have been Subversion ,rather than Mercurial.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, ty ty ty, thanks a looooot. I had to look around a lot for this, for some days ago found the google code solution for hosting, but only ended up with downloadabele files and not useful .js files. I cant understand why the user interface are so hard to figure out. Maybe its becouse I em a noob on google code and dont understand the prinsiples. As an example right now cant figure out how to delete files i dont want under the trunk folders, fond som svn delete comando or something but cant figure out how to sue it :) anyway again super super thanks for this, some of my .js codes are up running now :)

Well deleting files is a tricky thing .

To delete a file ,Go to Source > Browse > click on a file and then you will see a option to Edit file . After clicking it just delete all the content of the file and Commit it

Well you can't literally delete a file just do revisions to it , or maybe I am also unable to find that option in their confusing interface

Nice Post...

But I'm confused..
What is the difference of Version Control System?
When will I select the Git, Mercurial or Subversion..??

Unknown said...

Thanks Prayag,

It helped alot. keep up the good work.

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Anonymous said...

thank u so much

Anonymous said...

thanks really help full

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oh man thanks you very much for this awesome article

Anonymous said...

thanks really helpfull

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for these great post..