Sharing Links using Visibli

Sharing is the most fundamental act which drives traffic to blogs. The only beneficiary in this process is the content being shared and not the person sharing it. It would be so much better if the person sharing it would also get the due credit. This is exactly what Visibli does. It creates links with a fixed bar present on the top of the content, something similar to Digg and StumbleUpon. That bar can include a loads of things including Links, Like button ,Tweet button, RSS Feed tickers, to name a few. It also has some really interesting options which can make you a shareaholic by heart. Lets dig in.

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First Dynamic View Template : Elite Classic

Elite Classic Dynamic View Template

Presenting the First Ever Blogger Dynamic View Template on the Web named Elite Classic. Well its a very interesting thing that even though it has been possible to create Dynamic View Templates for a while now yet no one has created it. Coming to the core functionalities of this template ,it is based on the Classic Dynamic View and Supports the Template Designer fully. The modifications done are all CSS based. The reason for its creation was the monotonous look of the Dynamic Views and no real choice of a different style to choose from in being present.
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How To Introduce An Achievement Program On Your Blog

PunchTab Achievement Program LogoA couple of months back I did a guest post on How To Introduce A Free Loyalty Program On Your Blog on Spice Up Your Blog . PunchTab ,the company responsible for it has now come up with a new product called the Achievement Program. Rather than awarding coupons to users for showing their Loyalty (a.k.a. Liking ,+1'ing ,etc ) , it focuses on giving users Social Rewards to drive behavior. Users unlock badges for visiting, liking, tweeting, +1'ing, sharing or commenting. This creates a healthy competition between users to earn more and more badges and achievements ,in the process promoting your content.
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