How do I copy the codes given in tutorials?

Make sure the code finish loading first. When fully loaded, the code should be displayed like this:

When Clicked a Dialog Box will appear as follows,

This indicates that the Code has been copied directly into your Clipboard, So now you can easily just paste it anywhere you want now.

If by chance This Icon doesn't appear then 

When This Icon is Clicked a window containing the raw code will pop up. 

Now Right-click in the window and choose Select All, then copy.

How do I comment?

Comments ,as of now are not moderated and are No-Follow.To comment Just scroll down to the bottom of the post. You can post your comment through the Comment Form. You can expect my reply to follow shortly after the comment.
Spam will be rejected.

What if I want to make a general comment or ask a question unrelated to any of your posts?

Please feel free to contact me through the Contact Form present in the Contact Page (Here).

Do you guarantee all tutorials will work?

I have personally tested all the Tutorials published in this blog. If you follow the instructions, they should work just fine. But guarantee? No.
Most if not all Blogger-specific hacks are designed for Layout (XML) templates. They won’t work in Classic (HTML) templates.

How do I stay updated with Stylify Your Blog posts? 

To stay updated, I encourage you to subscribe to our RSS feed or get the latest articles sent to your Email. All of them are free of course, no charges, no spam.

Where Do I Host the JavaScript File mentioned in the Tutorial? 

You can host the file either on a free Hosting service like Dropbox or even better you can host it on Blogger itself ! (To see the tutorial for the Same Click Here)

Where Do I Host the CSS File mentioned in the Tutorial?

CSS file do not really need to be hosted at all ,Follow the Steps Below:

1.Just open the CSS File in Notepad and copy the whole content of the File

2. Now just copy the whole content of the CSS in between <style>  </style> tags. [This style tag can be in the post (In Edit HTML Tab) or in the Design>Edit HTML.]

What is "Multiple Usage" and "Single Usage"?

"Multiple Usage" means that you want to use the Plugin many times in your blog and to reduce the problem of including the Code everywhere I recommend  to include the code in the <head> tag.
If By chance there is error while saving the Template ,then Escape the whole code and try again.(Escaping Tool can be found in the comment Form under the Posts)

"Single Usage" means that you only want to use the Plugin only once in your Blog therefore it is recommend that you copy the Code only in the specific Post/Page you want to use it.