About SYB and Prayag Verma

Stylify Your Blog started out in May 2011 as a simple experiment to integrate various jQuery plugins into Blogger and has grown into a blog dedicated to bringing quality Tutorials, Tips, News, Hacks, Templates, Resources related to Blogger, SEO, and Web Design.

Some Stats (Updated December 2012)

Alexa Rank : 44000
MozRank : 4.42
PageRank : 3
PageViews : 50,000 monthly
Total Comments : 3100+

The Author

Profile PicMy name is Prayag Verma. I am currently a college student learning about computers. The main motive behind SYB and Blogging as a whole was to share the things I come across. I am also a budding Web Designer who is madly in love with CSS. I am also learning a bit of web development related stuff a.k.a. PHP,MySQL,... to know what really is behind the internet.

The Future

I am in the process of constantly expanding and have lots of plans for the future. The most eminent one being increasing the articles posted per month and releasing atleast 8 templates a month. My other plans include launching a array of sub-domains .