What is the Deal With Blogger’s Profile Random Question Feature

Has anyone else noticed the bizarreness of Blogger user profile page’s Random Question? I must be missing something.

My first ‘secret’ question was: “If you had to dig a hole to China, where would you start? “
What?! Where? I dont‘ know, Peoria? Las Vegas? The Mayan temples? Under the White House? The basement of a fortune cookie manufacturer in Brooklyn?
How the hell do I know? Am I supposed to make something up that I’ll forget? Should I have just put in my hometown? What if it was ‘wrong’ would my profile changes not be saved?

There was no help link or icon so I didn’t really get it, and there is no way I can be the only one person out there that doesn’t get it. I also saw nothing about it in Google Help Center or their company blog.
So I reloaded the page to get another ‘random question’: “What’s the best time you’ve ever had licking stamps?”
Ok, now I’m thinking this is just a joke and I don’t get it. Like there is some secret answer on the Google website somewhere and I have to somehow find it. Do I have to enter a treasure hunt?

Considering most stamps haven’t been “lickable” for years now, what’s the trick here? Should I say Marilyn Monroe? Snoopy? How about this (fictional): The best time I had licking stamps was when I got really enthusiastic in high school and I was sending out college admission applications. My goodness.

Come on Blogger folks, at least have a clickable help icon to make it clear what this is about.
So, I can’t answer this question because it quite frankly is the silliest thing I think I’ve ever been asked. Well, except the time when I was a teenager and I was working at the gas station and an older woman asked me what the “N” was on the shift in her car. I asked her if she was serious and made sure it wasn’t April 1st.
I always wondered what it was for but I was scared to see what it would do.” I kindly explained what it was and wondered if I had just been played with or if there was a mental health issue. It couldn’t be that she was serious. I mean, come on.
So, Google folks, please clarify what this random question thing is all about.
The third and last question was the final straw and I gave up. This was the question:
Paper or briefs?
Well, now that is interesting. Because I could give the Clinton answer or the Gore answer. Which do you wear? Maybe I should just say NASA aluminum, hydro-suction diapers. Would anyone ever know, or even care?

Google has funny ways of doing things, and sometimes they are brilliant; other times they are pure nutty (or an inside ‘joke’ – like Valentine’s logo) and sometimes they are completely in violation of fundamental usability design, content and common sense.

Try it for yourself, what is your favorite Blogger Random Question and how would you answer it?
I love to hear other people’s experience with this or other strange usability oopzies.

Written by Prayag Verma

A self proclaimed Blogger Evangelist. He has been blogging for the past 4 years and likes to help people having problems with Blogger . Get more from Prayag on and Twitter

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