Hosting your files on Dropbox

Dropbox is a free file hosting service. In this tutorial I will be showing you how to use it host your files ( specially scripts ). Its major plus over other similar services is the capability of Direct links to your files which can be used over the Internet. Some of its other features are :
-10GB/Day Bandwidth
-2GB Storage space (Extendable to 10GB with referring )
-Ability to share folders with other members
-Syncs files automatically (only with Dropbox Software)
-Works with Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android and Blackberry

There are two ways by which you can upload your files to Dropbox:
1. Through Dropbox Software
2. Through Dropbox website

Before continuing make sure you have registered with Dropbox ,if not Click Here .

Now lets get Started Firstly using Dropbox Software :

1: Download the DropBox Software form Here, and then Launch the DropBox Setup by Double Clicking the Installer.

2: Click Install button in DropBox Setup pop up window and Wait Until the software completes Installation.

3: After Completing installation, DropBox Setup opens another popup window for account settings. Select the "I already have a Dropbox account Button" (If you have not created the account ,then create it Here) .

4: Now enter your details and Press "Next"

5: Choose 2 GB Free account and Click Next button

6: Choose Typical settings and Click Install button

8: A PopUp window opens for DropBox tour, click the Skip tour Button. 

9: Finally Click the Finish Button to Close the DropBox Setup. 

10: DropBox folder Opens automatically, If not then click the DropBox icon in the Taskbar. 

11: In DropBox folder open the Public folder, and paste your scripts or files in the Public folder. 

For getting Direct Link to you script or file, right click on the File > Go to DropBox > Click the Copy Public Link

Now uploading files using Dropbox website

 1: Register a New account on DropBox website and Login to your account

2: Click on Files tab > Open the Public Folder by Clicking on Public.

3: Click on Upload Button.

4: An Inline Pop-Up window opens, click on Choose Files Button.

5: Select the Files that you want to Upload / Host and Click Open Button.

6: Click Start Upload button to Upload your files

7:  After Completes Uploading, click the Uploaded file to open the Drop Menu options, and then Choose the Copy Public Link Option.

8: Click the Copy to Clipboard button to copy the Direct Link to your Clipboard.

Written by Prayag Verma

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ipanks said...

ah its like hard disk on the net for our file, isn't right? hm it should need fast connection to download and upload the file, better to visit their site. thank you

Thanks for the great post. Going to use this to host PDF Files on my Weebly websites. Pinned your blog post on Pintrest.