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Five CSS3 Breadcrumb Designs

breadcrumb designs showcaseBreadcrumbs are an alternative navigation. Not only do they act as a visual aid to inform the reader about their position in the blog's hierarchy but also give a more structured feel. The previous post was about how to integrate Breadcrumbs into Blogger and this one is a showcase of 5 designs which you can use in place of the default design provided before. All of these designs use CSS3 extensively with no use of images anywhere. Each of them is beautifully styled and should integrate well with your blog's current design.

Blogger Label Widget Style #3 and #4

Tag Cloud design
Tag Clouds are used to display all the categories or labels present in a blog. The inherent design of this widget in Blogger is very minimal and has a lot of space for creativity. In this post we will be showcasing two Label Widget designs which you can easily integrate within your blog. Both these use :after and :before selectors to manipulate the tag's design at the edges. Also CSS3 Gradients and Box-Shadow properties are also used to give it more sophisticated and peppy look . Lets get started then

Customize Google Custom Search Box Part 2

Google Custom Search Search Box designs
Google Custom Search is just like a dream come true for any Website owner. The ability to provide your readers with Google-like searching power into your website's vast archives that too at no expense. It makes sure readers searching for a specific topic that you published a long time is never missed by them. But there is a shortcoming in terms of designs to choose from. Here I will be showcasing 6 different designs of search boxes which will surely suit your blog.

Blogger Label Widget Style #2

Continuing from my recent post about Blogger Label Widget style , I present another CSS3 powered style. It uses :before and :after selectors extensively & cunningly to manipulate the shapes accompanied with CSS3 transform. CSS3 gradients are used for backgrounds. It also highlights the the count besides each label. It was originally designed by Jakob Cosoroaba , I just converted it into Blogger usable .  

Label Widget Style for Blogger

label blogger
Labels are a nice way to organize your content on the blog. It makes grouping posts easier and gives your blog a more systematic look. The default Label gadget provided by Blogger has some customization options but doesn't provide much control over the Design aspect. Today I will by sharing a CSS3 powered design for the Default Label gadget. I came across them on WebDesignTuts+ and thought that a similar style for Blogger Labels would also look pretty amazing. 

30 Custom 404 Pages for Blogger

404 page
With Blogger introducing the option for Custom 404 Page for blogs recently, its been a much welcomed feature. A separate page type has also been created to give more control over these 404 pages. This feature is only available for New Blogger Interface nearly marking the end of the Old Interface (Its being officially shelved on 1st April ). Firstly we will be discussing how to use this feature followed by the collection of 30 witty 404 pages designs.

20 awesome WebFonts

font collection
Fonts are a integral part of a website. With industry wide adoption of @font-face ,WebFonts are the biggest thing today. From paid to free ones, nearly ever site has one.This is a showcase of 20 awesome fonts from Google's WebFont gallery. They are absolutely free to use and also easy to integrate into blogs/websites.

5 Threaded Comment styles

Threaded comments are awesome but their default styling is just so simple. Modifying it is a very simple and only requires CSS. I am sharing 5 different styles for the comment sections which you can implement easily into your blog. The motivation for this post came from 54BLOGGER post about some nicely designed Comment sections. I tried to convert them so that they looked very similar to the originals.