20 Premium Responsive Blogger Templates

Responsive Design has become an integral part of Web Design now. Blogger Template Designers have picked up this trend as well and have created some excellent templates. These templates come with features like cross-browser support , ads ready , Optimized SEO , Blogger Template Designer support to name a few. Now lets have a look at these 20 high quality Blogger templates
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Blogger Titans Interview #1 : Andy Page

Blogger Titans Andy Page

From today we will be starting the Blogger Titans Interview series. As the name suggests , we will be interviewing people who have unparalleled expertise and understanding of the Blogger Platform. From Blogger Forum Top Contributors , Template Designers to Gadget Creators , we will be hosting everyone who has extensive experience with Blogger. To kick things off our first guest is Andy Page , Blogger Forum Top Contributor as well as the owner of one the most visited site on Blogger platform , SpoilerTV. Let's dive straight into the interview
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Next Saturday Blogger Template

Next Saturday Template image

Next Saturday is colorful and modern template which has been adapted from a Tumblr theme of the same name by Ian Mintz. Its comes with inbuilt support for Facebook Open Graph & Twitter Cards. It uses CSS3 for all the shadowing effects which leads to lesser resource requests and faster load times.
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