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After launching in January 2011 WeChat has come a long way. From being on the iTunes India Home Page to becoming the No.1 Top Free Apps in Android App Store, it has achieved all the praise and glory any app could dream off but it is in no mood to stop just yet. As the user heat map shows , India is going to play a vital role in the expansion of WeChat already 300 Million strong user base.

With 44 Million Active Smartphone users in India and predictions of this number going to 155 Million by 2017 , WeChat's focus on India is fully justified. Its current TV Campaign is surely working wonders as WeChat is now firmly placed in the No.1 Position in Free Category for Android as well as iTunes Store in Indian market.

The Reason for explosive growth should also be given to the shear amount of features packed into WeChat. Here is a look at some of the cool features which has given it a edge over others :

1. Moments

Moments is full fledged Social networking platform which allows you to share your photos. It comes with privacy settings for sharing it with a Group or Publicly or privately.

2. Live Chat

A new feature that allows you to hold telephonic style conversations with a group of people. One person is allowed to speak at a time and a indicator tells whether you get to speak (Green) or not (Red). A kind of Audio Group Chat with ability to handle concurrency with breeze.

3. Web WeChat

This is the coolest feature from WeChat. The ability to switch between your PC and Phone with just a QR Code. A one of a kind ability among chat apps which makes life very easy for hardcore chatters addicted to using the normal keyboard. A Well Thought aspect which would play a decisive role in the new era of cross platform chatting.

4. Video Call

Video Calling might not be a feature that catches your eye because its become commonplace these days but the thing that I liked about WeChat Video Call was its support for older versions of Android ( Version 2.3 included ) which seems non-existent in other apps. A special kudos to all WeChat engineers who have dedicated long hours to make sure WeChat is a truly cross platform application.

5. Look Around

Discovering new friends is never been easier. Look Around shows all the people with WeChat in your vicinity by using your location data. So you can start off conversations , and who might know you would chance upon your BFF or even life partner !!

6. Drift Bottle

It is one of the most controversial as well as the most acclaimed  feature in WeChat. It allows you to send your "ultra-secret" message to a random person who might chance upon picking it up. In the light of the recent NSA leak scandal , this might be a feature that would come handy for whistleblowers. Jokes aside , it adds a game like feel to the app and is really addictive in nature.

7. Shake

Shake is another feature dedicated to help you discover new friends. It works on a simple principle , it will patch you up with another person who is shaking their mobile phones just like you irrective of the distance between you and them.

8. Emoticons

The more than 250+ unique emoticons present by default and new Emoticons being added every week ( Momoji chicken are cute ) , there is hardly any emotion that you will not be able to express using one of them.

9. Group Chat

Group Chats can be text as well as audio based. With support for adding 40 members in a single group , it makes sure that none of your friend misses out the latest news from you

10. Social Network Integration

It comes with support for Facbook.com and QQ.com login , which makes sure that all your contacts can be easily moved to WeChat in a blink of an eye

11. Web Grab

A relatively undiscussed feature , but makes transferring web pages from your browser to your phone a trivial affair. Really handy when you are on the move.

 The 5 People I Will Chance upon to Talk to on WeChat

First I would like to talk with God

This is a longshot , but I would like to Thank him for giving us the power to think and appreciate the stuff around us

Secondly I would like to talk with Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage

I would like to praise them for inventing the concept of computers and programming when it would be considered a part of science fiction

Third on my list are Grace Hopper , Ted Hoff and Alan Turing

I would like to congratulate them for their work in their specific fields which ultimately lead to the invention of modern computer as we know it today

Fourth I would like to have a word with Steve Jobs , Andy Rubin , Fredrik Idestam and Mike Lazaridis

I would like to appreciate their efforts which lead to creation of mobile platforms on which we are today able to do so many task even without wondering a second, what engineering marvel each one of them really are

Lastly I would like to chat with Ma Huateng

I would like to acknowledge his vision which lead him to create Tencent and later WeChat itself. I would really like to know the motivations which directed him to create such a wonderful Chatting Application which totally changed the Social networking sphere.

To end it , I decide on giving WeChat a AAA ( Triple A ) Rating - Don't confuse this with the credit ratings given by the credit rating agencies.

Here AAA stands for

Image credit: raywoo / 123RF Stock Photo

The three characteristics which correctly describes WeChat real power

The ability to talk to Anyone Anytime Anywhere

Written by Prayag Verma

A self proclaimed Blogger Evangelist. He has been blogging for the past 5 years and likes to help people having problems with Blogger . Get more from Prayag on and Twitter

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Hey I like WeChat App. And your title is catchy. I am sure those who haven't used it yet will definitely try it now.

Mine is HERE

Rohan said...

Like whatsapp charge us after a year around 0.99USD . What about with WeChat ?

Hi Rohan
As per the statement from Dennis Hau ( Head of International Product Centre, at Tencent International Business Group - the parent company behind WeChat ) WeChat will remain free for users forever

But remaining without revenue for long would be unsustainable for such large user base , so there are rumors that they will be launching Mobile Games to grow their revenue stream

I'm using this app as this time. And its really great apps.
Thanks for this review about wechat.


WeChat is surely a promising chat App , I really liked its Web WeChat feature which comes handy when chatting with lots of friends at the same time. It also provides some nice ways to discover new friends , I liked the Shake one the most. As Rohan asked above I too was curious, that how will they be able to keep the service free with more than 300 Million users

Hi Kusum , thanks for your comment

Tencent Holdings , the parent company behind WeChat is going to add a Payment Service inbuilt into WeChat app which will allow people to sell stuff and which in turn will increase revenue via advertising sales and commissions. You can read the Forbes article for more details

The thing that I liked about WeChat is that it is a amalgamation of Chatting and Social Networking app. On one hand with its various features like Live Chat , Drift Bottle and Group Chat ,it is a perfect Chat App while on the other hand with its Moments feature it acts as full fledged Social Networking app

To Top it all , the extensive cross platform support that WeChat provides with support even for Nokia phones is just amazing

Thanks for this post and I too agree that WeChat has AAA standard

Well written Prayag

I installed WeChat on my Android phone after reading this post and the most interesting thing that caught my eye was the Look Around feature, its a very well thought and usable feature. It came handy a lot of time when adding my friends into my WeChat contacts

Web Grab is also a useful feature as it really simplifies the process of sharing links from the computer to the phone

Pramod said...

WeChat is a supercool chatting and a fun app ..i've been using it eversince i came to know of it ...I'm sure many other users like me simply love this app .


Amkte said...

Nice article and btw off-topic how can we contact you about dead links and such?
you have few scripts here that stopped working for a long time now , one of them i really need "Making Pages Inside Blogger Posts " hope u can fix the js file there :{
and if u need to me to report you about others deadlinks feel free to ask

bro ur blog is awsome..
pls update it.