How to Evaluate Your Link Profile

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Getting good links to your site is one of the best ways to raise your page rank, improve your position in search results, and get more traffic to your site. After Google's Penguin update, the source of your links is more important than ever. Poor quality links such as those from article directories or link farms can now actually bring the page rank of your site down. It is important to evaluate the quality of your link profile on a regular basis to make sure that you are only getting high-quality links that will improve your ranking. Here's how you can evaluate the quality of your link profile

What type of site is it?

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Link farms of any kind are not going to give you quality links. Article directories are really pushing it, but you might be able to get a good link if you focus on only the top directories and only on submitting unique content to each directory. Of course, the most high-quality links are those that come from authoritative websites and blogs.
In order to ensure that your link profile remains positive, you need to regularly review the links that your site is getting through analytics or webmaster tools, and you need to check out what type of site is associated with each link. If you identify a bad link, you need to take action to remove or disavow it.

What niche is it?

When links come from sites within your niche, they are going to be worth more in raising your page rank. On the other hand, if you write a blog on, say, finance, but you get a link from a health and fitness site, that link is not going to do much for you. In fact, if too many of your links come from blogs and websites outside your niche, it will bring down your page rank. When you are linkbuilding, actively focus on getting links from your niche. Again, if you get too many links that can negatively affect you, work on removing or disavowing them.

What anchor text is used?

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The anchor text used to link to your site is just as important as the site itself. Too many links using exact match keywords in the anchor text can bring down your page rank. Exact match keywords are phrases such as "Atlanta bridal shops" or "search engine marketing." Instead of always trying to link to your site through these phrases for which you are trying to rank, you need to add some variety by using generic terms such as "click here," as well as your own brand name. You can analyze the anchor text being used for your links through a tool like Raven Tools, and you can get a percentage of links that are using exact match keywords. A good general rule of thumb is not to have more than half of your links have anchor text with exact match keywords.

What is the page rank of the site?

Even a blog that is outside your niche can offer you a high-quality link if it's from a PR 8 or 9 site. Higher ranking sites offer you more link juice, while lower-ranking sites can actually bring your page rank down. When investigating your links, make sure you check the page rank of each. Again, remove or disavow links that are actively hurting your page rank. It is ever more important to monitor the quality of your backlinks since Google Penguin was introduced. It is likely that Google will only get more and more particular about the kinds of links it wants to see, so it's important to build links with high-quality, relevant blogs and websites.

How do you monitor the quality of your backlinks? Share your tips in the comments!

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