How to Recover From a Google Penalty

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Google is known for launching updates like the Panda Update and the Penguin Update, where sites with poor quality content and links get penalized. But being penalized doesn’t mean the end of the world. You don’t have to drop SEO altogether just because you suffered a Google penalty. You can begin by improving your online reputation by using a reputation management service like @Reputation_com and also by taking the following steps towards full recovery...

Purchase a New Domain Name

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If you want to get rid of the penalty, then you’ll have to scrape off your domain name and buy a new one to replace it. Transferring your old domain name to a new one is the best possible start you can take to gaining back your rankings. The key here is to buy a user-friendly domain name instead of an “exact match one”. Why? Because after the Panda Update, exact match domain names are being penalized since the Big G knows most such sites carry bad, useless content.

Take Care of the Registration/Hosting

Web Hosting
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Register your domain name privately so that your whois details are hidden from the search engines. Once you’re done with the private registration, the next step is host it on its “own dedicated” IP address since it’s safer. Gone are the days when you could host a number of sites of sites on the same IP address. Today you can have all your sites de-indexed if even one goes down.

Clean Up Your Site

Keep it Clean
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Your aim now is to make the new domain look squeaky clean. You don’t want Google to have the slightest doubt about the new site. Start by de-optimizing the content and improving its quality . Buy and use a new theme (if you’re using something like WordPress). Basically, try and make it look as different as possible without compromising on the quality.

Use 301 Wildcard Redirect

Website Redirect
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This is when you redirect the pages resting on your old domain name to their respective counterparts on this new domain name. This can be easily done by logging into the cPanel area and visiting the “redirects” page in order to set up a ‘new’ wildcard redirect. As far as SEO goes, you get almost all the link juice is passed on to the new domain from the old. It lets you rank almost instantly for all the keywords that you were previously ranking for. So in a way, all the links you built to your old domain name get transferred to the new one.

All in all, recovering from a Google Penalty is very much possible. As time goes by, work on consistently building quality links to your new domain name using whitehat methods so that you’re able to grow and retain your rankings.

Written by Prayag Verma

A self proclaimed Blogger Evangelist. He has been blogging for the past 5 years and likes to help people having problems with Blogger . Get more from Prayag on and Twitter

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I am thinking to change my blog domain from to

because adsense disable ads on my site because of violent and due to this i am facing lots of problem :(

same Issue with me... I have added custom domain to one of my domain which is penalized. If I remove that domain will my blog restart ?

Gusti Heru said...

yea,me too..will my blog restart ?

Tan Nguyen said...

My blog has been survive over 2 Google Penalty. I wish it will not happen again. Thank you for the post.

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Pawan said...

Nice article. But can't we use same domain name and work on it, to come out of the penality.

Rudd said...

So you suggest people to change domain? Not so easy. How about blog that has existed for years? It's not easy as change the domain, you'll lose your brand, reputation, visitors, authority, pagerank etc.

By the word "recover", readers like me is expecting how to make Google loves us back, such as by di-indexing bad badlinks etc.

hey friends i finally change my blog address, Now i can show adsense ads on my blog but a big issue comes in front of me, i lost all my traffic :((((((((

Very well written post, I never thought about this 301 technique before. Thanks Prayag.

Great Post...Thanx For Sharing It...Keep Up The Good Work....

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