Syntax Highlighting in Blogger using Prettify

Sons-Of-Obsidian Theme PrettifyPrettify is developed by Mike Samuel from Google and is used for displaying code snippets in webpages in a more presentable manner. It is lightweight and gets easily integrated into Blogger. It has four different themes to choose from and also supports C-like and XML-like language's syntax highlighting . In this tutorial we will be seeing how to implement it in your blog and also checking out some of its options. Lets get Started then
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Customize Google Custom Search Box Part 2

Google Custom Search Search Box designs
Google Custom Search is just like a dream come true for any Website owner. The ability to provide your readers with Google-like searching power into your website's vast archives that too at no expense. It makes sure readers searching for a specific topic that you published a long time is never missed by them. But there is a shortcoming in terms of designs to choose from. Here I will be showcasing 6 different designs of search boxes which will surely suit your blog.
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Lazy Loading Social Buttons v2

lazy loading share buttons

This is the Version 2 of the Lazy Load Social Share buttons shared previously. It introduces buttons for social networks like LinkedIn , Digg and StumbleUpon . The look has also been pepped up a bit with rounded corners on the buttons. There goal remains the same , to lighten the total page size and fasten the page speed by loading the resources only when they are needed .
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New Blogger Template : Stylify v2

stylify template screenshot small

A new Blogger template named Stylify v2 . It is quite similar to the current design of the blog. The aim was to minimize the use of JavaScript and instead use CSS to meet the needs. It has a simple design and is ultra optimized for Fast Loading (Given that you don't add 1000 extra widget ! ). The default Blogger Style-sheet has been removed to fasten it up even more. The SEO part is also taken care for with automatic Meta Description facility. Its a uncomplicated template with emphasis on Speed and Style.
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CSS Mega Drop Down Menu for Blogger

css mega drop down menu
A CSS powered Drop Down Menu for Blogger. Mega menu's are being used extensively these days and are really useful for displaying a huge amount of content without cluttering your layout.  The real credit for this menu goes to Guillaume Marty (You can check out his Portfolio and the Commercial version of this menu ). I have just fixed some CSS related conflicts that were happening due to the default Stylesheet that is included by Blogger. Enjoy !
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Related Post Widget for Blogger using nRelate

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A Related Post widget for Blogger using nRelate . The best thing about nrelate widget over other similar type of recommendation widgets is the sheer number of customization options available at a buttons click. The options range from changing the appearance to including experts from posts. It also includes a feature to include posts from its 35000+ network of sites related to your content. The feature that takes the limelight is the ability to earn money !
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How to Integrate Google Custom Search into your Blog

searcherGoogle Custom Search is the best way to let your readers search your blog. It is just like giving the readers the power of Google search just this time the scope is limited to your blog alone. It is one of the most handy tool for each and every blogger out there. Its easy to setup and starts working the moment you put it in your blog. In this tutorial we will see how to embed a Google Custom Search Box into your blog and some tips related to it.
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