Shareaholic Share Buttons for Blogger

sexy bookmarks

A simple Share Buttons Widget with Counts for Blogger. A one click instant install with no hassles of modifying the Template to integrate into the blog. Shareaholic Sexy Bookmarks include buttons from Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIn , Delicious , StumbleUpon , Google Bookmarks and a Email Send button with each one of them showing the number of times it has been shared previously. In this tutorial we will see how to embed it in your blog.
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Simple CSS3 powered Ad Banner

Ad BannerA simple Advertisment Banner style using CSS3. Ad Banners have one purpose only and thats to grab the attention of the readers and make them click through. With this in mind I designed a simple one with some simple CSS3 border-radius property.
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Scrolling Sticky Bar for Blogger

sticky header bar
In others word a On-Scroll Sticky Bar. A simple widget which appears in the upper part of your page as you scroll down and disappears again on reaching the top something similar to the Facebook header bar. It contains social sharing options as well as links to Home Page of your blog. Also present are the Slide to Top and Email subscribe options. This can be easily customized to include options according to your needs. Lets get started and see how to add it in your blog !
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Lazy Loading Social Buttons for Blogger

tweet like +1
Social Sharing buttons are known for there bad effects on the page load speed. For some time I was trying to find a solution to this problem on lines of the Lazy Load Plugin for images , I was inspired by way Blogger Dynamic Views handled the problem , loading buttons styles and scripts on mouse-hover. Then I came across Taylor Fausak solution and did a bit of tweaking for making them work in Blogger.
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Star Ratings in Blogger using JS-Kit

star ratingsStar Ratings are graphical representation of the likability of a post generally measured on the scale of 5 and represented by stars. This can act as a useful alternative for collecting information about the likability of posts as many readers shy away from leaving comments. Not only is it faster than commenting also there is a added element of anonymity. In this tutorial we will be learning how to embed JS-Kit star rating in Blogger and some handy tricks related to it
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Google Web Fonts in Blogger

web fonts

Web fonts have been around since the CSS2 specification came out ,but in the recent years there has been a huge adoption due to lots of services coming up to cater to the users needs. One of the first on the scene was Typekit and was followed by lots of others. But they were all paid services and hence out of reach of the many ,then came Google Web Fonts and rest is history. Not only was it free but being hosted at Google's servers it was the most reliable of them all. In this tutorial we will learn how to embed Google Web Fonts in Blogger .
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Related Post Widget for Blogger using OutBrain

You Might LikeRelated Posts are conventionally shown at the end of a article to present interested readers with a choice of reading other similar stories to the one they just read. In Blogger there are no official widget for this purpose so you will have to rely on third party services or a simple JavaScript hack. In this post we will be discussing a step-by-step guide on how to integrate the OutBrain Related posts widget into your blog. Also with a bit of CSS we will make them look better.
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The Official Google+ Stream Widget

Google+ streamThe much awaited Google+ Stream Widget for Blogger and other platforms is on the way. It has not been made public yet but there is a working Demo present in one of the Blogger employee's blog which I stumbled upon by chance. Its not ready for a public release yet as the profile thumbnails of users are not working correctly . This widget uses the Blogger API for its implementation but this can be easily integrated into any other platform with a simple Iframe.
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