Blogger Label Widget Style #2

Continuing from my recent post about Blogger Label Widget style , I present another CSS3 powered style. It uses :before and :after selectors extensively & cunningly to manipulate the shapes accompanied with CSS3 transform. CSS3 gradients are used for backgrounds. It also highlights the the count besides each label. It was originally designed by Jakob Cosoroaba , I just converted it into Blogger usable .  
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Label Widget Style for Blogger

label blogger
Labels are a nice way to organize your content on the blog. It makes grouping posts easier and gives your blog a more systematic look. The default Label gadget provided by Blogger has some customization options but doesn't provide much control over the Design aspect. Today I will by sharing a CSS3 powered design for the Default Label gadget. I came across them on WebDesignTuts+ and thought that a similar style for Blogger Labels would also look pretty amazing. 
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