What is the Deal With Blogger’s Profile Random Question Feature

Has anyone else noticed the bizarreness of Blogger user profile page’s Random Question? I must be missing something.

My first ‘secret’ question was: “If you had to dig a hole to China, where would you start? “
What?! Where? I dont‘ know, Peoria? Las Vegas? The Mayan temples? Under the White House? The basement of a fortune cookie manufacturer in Brooklyn?
How the hell do I know? Am I supposed to make something up that I’ll forget? Should I have just put in my hometown? What if it was ‘wrong’ would my profile changes not be saved?

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New Blogger Themes

Blogger launched new themes on March 20th, 2017, after more than 7 years since the last update. This update isn't only limited to the new designs introduced in the themes but the entire underlying theme code has been rewritten. Lots of new operators have been introduced and more functionalities have been added to the Layout and Theme Designer (Customise) tab. A whole new set of data layout and page element tags have also been introduced allowing users to further customize their blogs. It is being touted as the third major re-write to the theme engine since Blogger was created back in 1999.
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The reason why Blogger Engineering discontinued the iOS and Android app

The iOS application for Blogger (which was supported on both iPhone and iPad) was removed from the App Store by Blogger back in February 2016 but there was not much explanation provided why they did it. The Android app has also not been updated since February 2016 & seems to be no longer supported. Let us look into the different justifications given by Blogger Support team and try to find the true reason why it was removed
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Removing Blogger's Default CSS from the Theme code [New way]

Many times an instance arises when you don't want to load in any of the default CSS styles included by Blogger. Sometimes it has to do with resolving the Render blocking issues caused by synchronous loading of the default CSS or other times it has to do with creating a custom theme which is fully independent of Blogger's default styling. Previously to achieve this, you required a fairly good understanding of the Blogger theme XML but now it is much simpler to accomplish this
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10 Tools I use to help people in solving problems related to Blogger

For the past month I have been active on various forums , social media channels as well on this blog trying to help people with problems they face with their Blogs based on Blogger Platform. This is a list of tools I used repeatedly to successfully help many people. I hope this would be helpful to those getting started with helping users in solving problems related to Blogger platform or in general also.

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Blogger Titans Interview #2 : Chuck Croll

Second in the series of Blogger Titans Interviews , this time we have with us Chuck Croll , better known as Nitecruzr on the Blogger Forum. He has been an active contributor on the official forums from the year 2006 and has by far the most comprehensive knowledge about Blogger Platform. His blog , The Real Blogger Status , is an extensive resource for Blogger related tips and tricks as well as documents all the news and issues regarding Blogger. Now lets get started with the interview
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Features : Responsive Portfolio Blogger Template

Features Blogger Templates ,Responsive , Grid Layout , SEO , Pagination ,etc

Inspired from the mockup on the new Blogger Features page , Features is a fully responsive template which is best suited for portfolio and showcase blogs. It has a clean design and supports Blogger Template Designer with many extra options , which makes modifying the design easy. It comes with out of the box support for Twitter Cards & Open Graph Meta tags and optimized Title and Headings tags.

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Solving the Problem with Blogger's Custom Redirects feature on Mobile

redirect loop problem
Custom Redirects were launched in March 2012 and gave Blogger users the ability to change the permalink structure of the all types of pages on their blogs . It allows two kinds of redirects namely 301 Moved Permanently type (Which lets you pass SEO value) and 302 Moved Temporarily (Used for Coming Soon Pages or when a page is under maintenance ).  This is extremely useful for people who are migrating from other platforms , as they can now easily able to redirect pages with different permalink structure than Blogger's default to a new page. Recently there have been some issues with it , which have become a cause of frustration for many users.
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20 Premium Responsive Blogger Templates

Responsive Design has become an integral part of Web Design now. Blogger Template Designers have picked up this trend as well and have created some excellent templates. These templates come with features like cross-browser support , ads ready , Optimized SEO , Blogger Template Designer support to name a few. Now lets have a look at these 20 high quality Blogger templates
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